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Founded in 1283, by D. Mor Dias, the Monastery of Santa Clara de Coimbra was delivered to the Poor Clares shortly afterwards. Dona Isabel de Aragão, Queen Santa Isabel, took an interest in the convent, which had since been abolished, and ordered to build new Gothic-style buildings, including the cloister and the church, which was sacred in 1330. The monastery was the scene of the floods by the river Mondego and the target of architectural adaptations to this circumstance. Finally in 1677 and the nuns moved to a new building, built on a higher place, passing the primitive to be called Santa Clara-a-Velha. After an ample project of valorization this National Monument and Archaeological Site (Centuries XIV - XVII), happened to have an Interpretive Center. The visitor's route includes visit to the ruins, exhibition of conventual archaeological treasure, exhibition of films and virtual modeling. 

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