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The Museum of Sacred Art or Treasure of the Cathedral is housed in the historic building, where the famous Évora Cathedral Music School, which designed the city beyond the borders, ended. The building was renovated between 2007 and 2008, by the hands of the architect João Luis Carrilho da Graça, with the purpose of hosting the Treasure of Sé. In itself, the building, loaded with history, is an object of high museological interest, since it maintains the typical structure of a school / boarding school, built to welcome the youngsters of the Choir of the Cathedral of Évora. In turn, the Treasury of the Se integrates a valuable collection of pieces of art, which convey to us the religious and cultural memory of our people, all of them Christian. Since the XIII to the XX, art and faith gave their hands to transmit feelings and values, capable even today of mobilizing a fraternal, solidarity and plural culture. Of the artistic production exhibited there stands the painting, especially of artists of the School of Évora, sculpture, goldsmithing and paramentation, that make of this Museum one of the most valuable of the city and to the south of the country. Special attention deserves the artistic and valuable pieces, authentic jewels, of the Holy Wood with the relic of the Holy Cross and the Virgin of the Paradise or Virgin Abrideira. They are unique pieces in Portugal, which are worth a visit. 

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