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Millions of years of history are in the Museum of Geology of UTAD, which has as patron the outstanding geologist and former Rector Prof. Fernando Real, who founded it in 1986. It is a true "ex-libris" of UTAD, for what it represents for study and knowledge in Earth Sciences. In it are exposed pieces of some of the geological processes that have occurred or have occurred on the planet for many millions of years.

Its collection is distributed through several sectors or collections: a) the evolution of life through geological times by adding pieces of fossils, icnofossils and mockups elucidativas of this evolution; b) minerals as rock-forming elements; c) types of rocks according to their genesis; d) collections of samples related to the main Portuguese mines.

A true center of Living Science, the Fernando Real Geology Museum contributes to the complementary training of UTAD students and, due to its didactic potential, is also a privileged place for many schools in the region and in the country to find answers to the multiple issues related to Earth Sciences.

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Museum and exclusive articles of the Museum of Geology.

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