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The São Roque Museum is popped up in the space of the former Casa Professa of the Company of Jesus in Lisbon, a contiguous building of the Church of São Roque. Opened to the public in 1905 with the designation Treasure Museum of the Chapel of St. John the Baptist, in evocation of the important collection of eighteenth-century Italian art that was the origin of its creation, it was the object of several interventions throughout the twentieth century, following the changes in the fields of museology and museography. Its collection benefited from the fact that it was delivered, by regal donation of D. José I, in 1768, to the Holy House of Mercy of Lisbon, which protected it from the plundering that led to the dispersion of the patrimony of many of the Portuguese religious convents and houses. For this reason, this museum gathers one of the most complete collections of sacred art at the national level, which is largely due to the origin of its works, from the old Ermida Manuelina de S. Roque, the Church and former Casa Professa de los Jesuits in Lisbon and the Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lisbon. The collections of Painting, Sculpture, Reliquaries, Goldsmithing, Textiles and Epigraphic Heritage are part of the collection of the museum. These are testimonies of the experience of this area of ​​the old Manueline Hermitage of San Roque, built in 1506, of the Church of São Roque , who elected this place to settle in the 50's of the same century, and finally, the Holy House of Mercy of Lisbon that transits to this place following the overwhelming earthquake of 1755 that destroyed its original headquarters, Creative Commons License.

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Museum and exclusive articles of the Museum ofSão Roque.

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Esta por dentro de um dos Museus mais emblemáticos da cidade de Lisboa.

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