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The heritage and history of sport told by its protagonists.

The jersey of the Rosa Mota athlete, the boots of Nelson Évora or Grand-Bi, the precursor of the bike, are some of the pieces that can be found in the National Sports Museum. Located in the center of Lisbon, in the Foz Palace, it was inaugurated last 12th of July 2012, the year in which Portugal celebrates 100 years of participation in the Olympic Games. This new space results from the public invitation to the sports federations to make known the heritage that the athletes and the various modalities left.

The Museum also houses the National Library of Sport which has a collection of about 60 000 items registered. Here you can find the most recent and important modern monographs on sport and some examples of particular historical relevance such as the book "De Arte Gymnastica" by Hieronymi Mercurialis, considered the first book of sport published worldwide.


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