Terms and conditions

  • Property Rights

Between the User and Maingoal, Maingoal possesses, solely and exclusively, all rights to: software, codes, data, design and organization of the Platform, titles, contents (images, videos, audios, illustrations, texts, graphics, logos). It also holds all trademark rights, patent, data system rights. The use of the Platform does not assign to users the ownership of any content, software, codes, data or materials used in the Platform.

  • Limited License

The digital platform may only be used by legally authorized individuals who can enter into usage agreements. By accepting our terms and conditions after registration you are entering into a contract of use. Users can view the content on the platform on any device and copy it for internal use only. Individuals under the age of 18 should not use the platform, and when sharing your personal information they will agree that they are over 18 years old.

  • Trademarks

All trademarks, logos, service marks and trade names appearing on the Platform are registered trademarks. Therefore they can not be used without prior authorization written by us or by the Third Party. Misuse of the Marks is expressly prohibited. Maingoal defends its rights, including the initiation of criminal proceedings if the situation so warrants.

  • User Account

Any user can have an account in the Platform, not being forced to buy any product. To create an account, the user must fill in the following information: - Name / Surname - Address - E-mail - Password - Postal Code / City - Country - NIF Each account can only be associated with an e-mail. Any change in the above data shall be indicated to Maingoal. The user account is not transferable. The Keyword used in the Platform must be secret and stored by the user to prevent it being used improperly by another individual. In case of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions, Maingoal has the right to temporarily block the account or even delete it from the System. In case the account is deleted the individual will not be able to access the Platform by means of a new user account.

  • User misconduct  

By accepting the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing that:

1) Should not impersonate any other person or entity
.2) All your data entered must be true.
3) You must not use the Platform in order to obtain unauthorized access, nor with the intention of damaging or damaging the Platform.
4) You should not attempt to obtain information or content that has not been intentionally made publicly available by Maingoal.